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Who Is Mad Moose?

Mad Moose Designs was started in 2015. After working for a few other graphic shops we decided it was time to start our own. We have over 15 years of Graphic Design experience individually. With our past experience we decided to start a business with a few differences from other businesses in the area.

Originally it was planned to be a mobile operation. After we were up and running, the need for a brick and mortar operation became clear. While we still offer onsite event printing, the majority of work is done in house.

The current building we reside in has a rich history in not only being a business in the community, but also being a print shop back in the day.

The type of printing has changed, and evolved. But, it has been fun bringing that back into the community! There were a lot of doubters in the beginning.

Many people didn’t believe that Cato needed a graphic design shop. While the majority of the community is farm focused, they have been one of the biggest (and best) customers. People are always surprised to learn that we do a lot of work outside of the area as well.

Mad Moose offers online communication with customers, shipping and delivery options. We can’t wait to see what the future brings for Mad Moose!

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Meet The Team

Kathy Bio Pic

At Your Service

Owner of the company. She’s the one that takes care of all the behind the scenes work and prints the shirts. While the majority of the day is spent helping customers place orders and getting out quotes.


Derrick Bio Pic

Let’s Do This

Our designer and sign guy. He’s the one that makes all of your ideas come to reality. His designs are sought after by many, often helping other shops with their design work as well. He’s usually running around slapping signs together and weeding hundreds of decals a day.


Max and Salem Bio Pic

Welcoming Committee

Our grade A welcoming committee – Assistant Manager Max and Production Manager Salem.

Max & Salem