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Giving Back

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Mad Moose
Giving Back

Our very first event was a fundraiser for a woman with breast cancer. We were there to help raise money for medical expenses. Since then we’ve been trying our hardest to give back.

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Charities & Events

Some of our recent fundraisers are listed below.

  • Cato-Meridian Class of 2022 Fundraiser
    November 2020
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Let Mad Moose Help

Getting started is as easy as following the steps below.

1. Define Type Of Work

What type of sale are we doing?…Fundraiser? We will work together to figure out how much to add to the cost of the items to go towards your cause. General Sale?…Great! We’ll figure up pricing for the items you want to include. Give us any additional information you can about the sale you would like to run.

2. Define Products / Brainstorm Product Ideas

What items do you want to offer? We have a lot to choose from!

Product Design ideas Groups/Schools: What colors do you want to incorporate? Do you have a mascot?

For a specific person: What best describes them as a person(hobbies, favorite things, colors, etc.)? Give us a back-story about them! The more personal you can make the designs the better the fundraiser will go.

3. Set Inventory & Pricing

Inventory: Only for Onsite printing. Depending on how many people are estimated to be at your event, will determine how many items we will bring with us.

Pricing will depend on a few variables; What products you want to offer, how many colors will be printed on the items, how many locations on the item will be printed (ie front & back), how many products are estimated to sell.

4. Launch Online Charity Page/ Event Preparation

After everything is approved we will launch your online store. We will determine the start and stop dates for your store.

After everything is approved for the event. We will order in all of the products for your in person sale.

5. Production

Online store: We will begin production ad the end of your sale. It makes the whole experience run smoother to print everything at once. We then contact either the group, or the individual who purchased the items that their order is ready. Group pick up/Shipping is an available option for those that want to hand it out to everyone instead of individual customer pick up/shipping. This saves on shipping costs for those groups that are out of the area. Shipping and local pick up options available with every online sale.

Event: We will show up and print/sell items on site! (does not apply to all available items) Please let us know the area we will be set up in so we know what to bring!!

6. Get Paid!

For both online and events being used as a fundraiser. After the sale is over, you will receive a check for the amount previously discussed added to each item sold based on the amount that was purchased.

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